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Latino Campaign Research and Evaluation

The Network for a Healthy California--Latino Campaign evaluated the cumulative effect of its media and community-based social marketing interventions on fruit and vegetable intake and factors that affect consumption of Latino adults, aged 18 to 65 years. The following research reports were prepared by Desiree R. Backman, Dr. P.H., R.D., Principal Investigator, Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section, California Department of Public Health, Public Health Institute and Gian C. Gonzaga, Ph. D., Freeman, Sullivan & Co.

  • Media, Festival, Farmers’/Flea Market, and Grocery Store Interventions Lead to Improved Fruit and Vegetable Consumption for California Latinos
    Two-page report summary of the purpose, methods, and results. (PDF)Opens a new browser window

    Twelve-page report summary of the background, methods, results, conclusions, and references. (PDF)Opens a new browser window

    Full report including: executive summary; introduction; methods; results; discussion, limitations, recommendations, and opportunities; list of tables; list of figures; and appendices. (PDF, 2.6MB)Opens a new browser window
  • At the moment these documents are only available in English. Estos documentos solo son disponibles en ingles.
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