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Coordinated Cancer Prevention & Control Program (CCPCP)


The CCCP also administers the Coordinated Cancer Prevention & Control Program (CCPCP) which coordinates a leadership structure across all CDPH and other state department cancer and chronic disease surveillance, prevention and control programs. The CCPCP integrates activities of CCCP, the “Every Women Counts” program for early detection of breast and cervical cancers, the California Cancer Registry, the California Colon Cancer Prevention Program and the Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention Program. The goals are to (1) seek efficiencies across the management and operations of cancer and chronic disease prevention and control programs, (2) focus on high-burden cancers with evidence-based, scalable interventions that already exist and can be broadly implemented, (3) develop organized screening programs that are more effective and efficient than current opportunistic approaches, and (4) maintain high-quality cancer registries and expand their application in prevention and screening. The CCPCP gains efficiency and enhances effectiveness of cancer prevention and control activities in CDPH and other state departments and ultimately achieves improved cancer and chronic disease outcomes for Californians. 


Purpose of CCPCP 

The purpose of the Coordinated Cancer Prevention and Control Program (CCPCP) is to coordinate and integrate ongoing cancer activities among all cancer and chronic disease programs within the California Department of Public Health.  CCPCP priorities focus on enhancing efficiency and enhancing effectiveness of cancer prevention and control activities among state cancer and chronic disease programs; ultimately achieving its goal of improving cancer and chronic disease outcomes for Californians.    


Present Priorities

  • Establish program coordination and increased awareness of the state cancer plan among programs and partners.
  • Promote the use of cancer and chronic disease surveillance data and ensure the utilization of population-based cancer screenings conducted throughout California.   
  • Engage with cancer and chronic disease prevention and control programs to carry out activities in alignment with the state cancer plan.


Key programs involved with CCPCP 

California Cancer Registry (CCR), California Colon Cancer Control Program (C4P), Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP)  Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention Program (CCDPP) and the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) also known as  Every Woman Counts (EWC). 


Examples of Partnering Activities

  • Established the CCPCP Advisory Committee comprised of cancer and chronic disease program leadership for the purpose of developing, addressing, and coordinating various cancer-related objectives and strategies related to cancer prevention and control.
  • In partnership with EWC established the Public Education Targeted Outreach (PETO) screening work group in order to promote and coordinate effective population-based cancer screening activities.                    
  • In coordination with CCR, offered webinar training activities on cancer surveillance data topics. 

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