Welcome to the State of California 

California's Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP)

California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (CCCP) is housed in the Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research Branch of the California Department of Public Health. CCCP  is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded program that provides leadership for, and coordination of, California’s statewide comprehensive cancer control efforts. Comprehensive cancer control is based on the concept that people and organizations working together to identify problems and develop solutions will lead to better use of limited resources and generation of new resources through new partnerships.

To eliminate the cancer burden in California and achieve health equity in cancer care and survivorship through effective partnerships and efficient collaboration.

 What We Do:
  1. Partner with the California Cancer Registry to assess the burden of cancer in the state and determine cancer control priorities.
  2. Administer the state cancer control coalition, the California Dialogue on Cancer (CDOC).
  3. Develop and implement the statewide Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan.
  4. Administer the Coordinated Cancer Prevention & Control Program (CCPCP) to provide a coordinated management and leadership structure within CDPH and other state department cancer and chronic disease surveillance, prevention and control programs.

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