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CDOC Priorities (2013-2014)

  • Early Detection: Colorectal Cancer
  • Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Survivorship
  • Obesity

Current Work

  • Disseminating California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 2011-2015
  • Coordinating activities with the state Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention Program 
  • Building capacity around policy systems and environmental change interventions
  • Developing a communications platform including a media plan
  • Collaborating with the state tobacco program to implement trainings to behavioral health professionals on implementing smoking cessation programs
  • Collaborating with the California Cancer Registry on a progress report of the state cancer plan 
  • Coordinating leadership training of the CDOC Disparities & Access to Care Workgroup’s Access to Cancer Care Community Coalitions
  • Collaborating with the CDPH and other organizations to establish worksite wellness policies in California worksites
  • Collaborating with the California Colorectal Cancer Coalition and other partners on a project to increase colorectal cancer screening
  • Collaborating with several organizations to ensure systems that treat cancer patients utilize after care plans for all patients
  • Collaborating with the Department of Health Care Services/Every Woman Counts program on a screening promotion project targeting Medi-Cal recipients
  • Coordinating bi-annual CDOC stakeholders meeting
  • Developing California’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2016-2020


Last Year's Accomplishments (July 2012- June 2013

  • Implemented a marketing campaign that promoted worksite wellness models to businesses all throughout California.
  • Developed and disseminated a Cancer Survivorship Aftercare Plan Utilization survey to over 70 California cancer centers/institutions that care for cancer patients. 
  • Worked with the California Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C4) and other organizations on a pilot project aiming to increase the utilization of FIT testing in clinics serving the uninsured.
  • Conducted Affordable Care Act implementation trainings to several organizations all throughout California.
  • Conducted trainings on policy systems and environmental change to CDOC leaders and stakeholders.     
  • Transitioned fiscal administration to CDPH in order to increase efficiency and collaborative opportunities.
  • Evaluated program objectives.
  • Coordinated a leadership training for Access to Cancer Care community coalitions situated all throughout California.
  • Maintained strong collaborative partnerships with several key statewide organizations as well as many CDPH cancer and chronic disease programs.


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