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Respirator Use and Infection Prevention Training Materials 


Background: The Train-the-Trainer Workshops

During a four-month period in 2010, staff from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (abbreviated DOSH; more commonly known as Cal/OSHA) presented train-the-trainer workshops on respirator use and infection prevention to participants from local health departments (LHD) and other health care agencies throughout the state. The workshops included PowerPoint presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises including how to conduct respirator fit-testing. Participants then brought training materials and fit-test kits back to their health agencies to train and fit-test their own staff.

CDPH and Cal/OSHA are unable to continue providing these train-the-trainer workshops.  As an alternative, the 2011- 12 CDPH Guidance for the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) encouraged funded agencies to provide staff training based on the workshops, using written materials provided by CDPH to help develop their own curricula.  Trainers and presenters in LHDs and other HPP entities can adapt the CDPH training materials to meet the needs of a variety of agencies and individuals.  CDPH has some fit test kits available for use by LHDs and HPP entities that plan to do fit-testing.

The CDPH Training Materials

These materials are intended to be used as a training guide.  Handouts from the train-the-trainer workshops given by the team of a physician, registered nurse, industrial hygienists, and support person are listed below. The information has been updated to reflect current health law and policies.  


Please contact the Communicable Disease Emergency Response Branch (CDER) at (510) 231-6861 or CDER@cdph.ca.gov if you have any questions about these materials.


 Respirator Use and Infection Prevention Training Materials

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