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Coxsackievirus A6 (CVA6)

In December 2011, CDPH VRDL identified coxsackievirus A6 (CVA6) in a patient with an atypical rash. This strain of enterovirus had not widely circulated in the United States until recently. Since then, CVA6 activity has become widespread, both within California and throughout the United States.

While persons infected with CVA6 can have typical HFMD manifestations, some may have an atypical presentation. This includes a more extensive rash with large body surface area (>10% BSA in some cases), often involving entire extremities, the face and sometimes trunk. The rash often affects areas of previous skin disease or skin damage (e.g., atopic dermatitis, sunburn, irritant dermatitis). Some patients have widespread papules while others have had large, sometimes hemorrhagic blisters. Onychomadesis (nail shedding) and/or peeling of skin has been described in several cases. (See the Photo Library of Cases below)

Photo Library of Cases
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