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New! Online Chronic Disease Prevention Messaging Toolkit


The Chronic Disease Prevention Messaging Toolkit (Messaging Toolkit) is intended to assist local health departments and community-based organizations with crafting and publishing compelling chronic disease prevention messages. The Messaging Toolkit and Lifetime of Wellness unifying tagline were created with input from CDPH staff and external partners through a series of qualitative marketing research activities including: online surveys, focus groups, online discussion boards, and phone interviews.

The Messaging Toolkit was recognized nationally with a 2014 National Public Health Information Coalition Silver Award in Excellence in Public Health Communication Out-source Webcast/Podcast Training Category.

Included with the Messaging Toolkit, are downloadable storytelling forms and templates (see below). Please note the Storytelling forms include prompt questions to help craft your story. In the Word documents, you can edit or add new prompt questions that are more relevant to your work, and you can add photos to personalize your story. Please see the following example as a reference:



1. Fill out the Storytelling Worksheet best aligned with your story (i.e., use the Community Engagement Storytelling Worksheet to report on a community outreach project) to help you develop the details of your success story.

2. After completing your Storytelling Worksheet, simply fill in the boxes in the pre-designed Storytelling Fillable Form titled, "Our Story".  The Storytelling Fillable Form_Our Story is the template for the final draft of your success story.

3. Please feel free to customize the title, subtitle, and photo to appropriately represent your success.

Storytelling Fillable Form_Example



The Storytelling Worksheets were developed to help you organize your ideas and draft a Success Story. These can be used as an interactive tool with your staff and partners to write your collective story and keep your team on track to reach your program’s goals. These are available in the following categories:  Community Engagement, Innovative Partnerships, and Your Story (a general category that you can tailor to fit your success story focus).

Storytelling Worksheet Your Story

Storytelling Worksheet Your Story

Storytelling Worksheet Innovative Partnership

Storytelling Worksheet Innovative Partnership

Storytelling Worksheet Community Engagement

Storytelling Worksheet Community Engagement


The Storytelling Fillable Forms (Final Draft Template) were developed to make it easier to share your successes. The Storytelling Forms are brightly colored; contain question prompts write an informative and concise story; and include fillable boxes to insert your text.

Success Story Final Draft Template_Option1 

Success Story Final Draft Template_Option 1 

Success Story Final Draft Template_Option 2 


Once you finalize your Success Story, please send it to the Chronic Disease Control Branch and/or your funder, partners and others to share your success!

Send your Success Story to cdcb@cdph.ca.gov.

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