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The California Asthma Public Health Initiative (CAPHI) has been discontinued; therefore this Web page is no longer being updated. Information is current as of (07/2012).

The mission of the California Asthma Public Health Initiative (CAPHI) is to improve the quality of life for all children and adults with asthma in California.

Asthma is a public health priority for California because it continues to directly affect millions of individuals of all ages across the state.  Over five million Californians have been diagnosed with asthma in their lifetime and more than half of them have an asthma attack each year.  Asthma reduces the quality of life for millions of people and causes considerable economic costs for California.

Through coordinated approaches and partnerships in California, CAPHI seeks to reduce preventable asthma morbidity and mortality; to eliminate disparities in asthma practices and outcomes; and to implement effective programs and policies in asthma education, management, and prevention according to the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) Guidelines.

CAPHI partners include local, state, and national organizations, health care providers, county health departments, foundations, coalitions, and academic institutions.

CAPHI has worked with other stakeholders to address asthma through the development of resources and programs including the following:

  • Strategic Plan for Asthma in California - 2002

  • Strategic Plan for Asthma in California - 2008

  • Guidelines for the Management of Asthma in California Schools

  • Asthma Action Plan for Schools and Families

  • Best Practices in Childhood Asthma Program

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