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Office of AIDS

Prevention Program Data & Reports

Various reports and publications are available to assess HIV prevention programs administered by the Office of AIDS. 


HIV testing activities administered by OA occur in both clinical and community settings.  Community settings focus on clients at elevated risk for HIV, and often include a comprehensive counseling session designed to assess HIV-related risk behaviors and develop a risk-reduction plan.  These data are captured in LEO and reported on in various program evaluation reports. Clinical settings conduct screening for HIV and report data directly to the CDC’s data collection system, Evaluation Web. 

Focus Summaries

Focus summaries are brief reports of Counseling & Testing  services that focus on specific populations of interest, including African Americans, men who have sex with men (MSM), injection drug users (IDUs), etc. 

LEO Statewide Reports for C&T

LEO statewide reports replicate reports that can be created by service providers in LEO for their own data, but include data from all service providers using LEO to capture and report on C&T services.  These reports are particularly useful for providers as a comparison or benchmark for the activities occurring in their own agencies.

Other C&T Reports

Additional reports including data from HIV counseling and/or testing services provided in California are listed below.

Health Education/Risk Reduction (HE/RR)

HE/RR activities include comprehensive risk counseling services (CRCS), targeted prevention activities, individual level interventions, and group interventions for both high-risk negatives and HIV positive Californians.  Beginning in 2012, there is an increased focus on prevention with positives.  Data from HE/RR activities are captured in LEO, and prior to FY 09-10, in the legacy system ELI (Evaluating Local Interventions).

Syringe Exchange and Nonprescription Sale of Syringes (NPSS) in Pharmacies

Syringe exchange programs (SEPs) have been scientifically established as effective HIV prevention, and OA encourages local health jurisdictions to fund both SEPs and NPSS as part of a comprehensive approach to HIV prevention.  Some SEP information is captured in LEO, however most SEPs in California conduct individual program evaluations.  More information on California programs is available on OA’s Syringe Access page.

A comprehensive evaluation of NPSS in California is available here:

Partner Services Program

Partner Services in California, in collaboration with the STD Control Branch, operate in a venue based model.   HIV+ clients may be offered Partner Services within testing and HE/RR activities, as well as in clinical settings.   It is preferred that HIV+ clients are offered partner services on a regular basis as risk behaviors change over time.  Data from partner services are captured in LEO, although these data are not yet mature enough to generate reliable reporting on program activities.   

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