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Program Data & Reports

As a part of the process of administering programs for HIV prevention, care, and treatment, the Office of AIDS (OA) collects and analyzes data about the services provided in order to conduct quality assurance, assess performance, report to policy-makers and stakeholders, and meet federal and state data submission requirements.  The ultimate goal of these data collection and evaluation activities is to ensure that funds are effectively expended to accomplish important public health goals and objectives. 

Data collection and evaluation activities for the OA-funded prevention, care, and treatment programs are conducted by staff in the Program Evaluation and Research Section (PEaRS), in the Surveillance Research and Evaluation Branch (SRE) of the Office of AIDS.  

HIV Prevention

HIV prevention program activities include testing in clinical and community settings, prevention with HIV positives such as linkage and retention in care and partner services, HCV testing, syringe exchange services, and behavioral interventions with high-risk HIV negative persons. 

Data from many of these activities are captured in the Local Evaluation Online (LEO) system, which also provides canned reporting for agencies using the system to record their activities.

HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment

HIV care program activities involve providing medical care, support, and prevention services for persons living with HIV/AIDS, including help with insurance premium payments, housing assistance, and programs to minimize the disparity in access to health care. 

Data from most of these activities are captured in the AIDS Regional Information and Evaluation System (ARIES), which also provides canned and custom reporting for agencies using the system to record their activities.  For more information about ARIES, go to www.projectaries.org.

HIV treatment activities include the administration of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).   This program ensures that HIV-positive uninsured and under-insured individuals have access to medication. 

Data from these activities are captured by Ramsell Public Health Rx, a pharmacy benefit and information company.  Ramsell manages the program enrollment and eligibility administration, coordinates services, manages the pharmacy network, and processes claims and related services.   ADAP staff work closely with Ramsell to acquire the data needed for various reports.   

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