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Picture of National HIV/AIDS Strategy Cover SlideCA Office of AIDS Video/Slide Presentation on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: August, 2010 (Video)Opens in a new browser window.- A narrated slide presentation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy presented by the California Office of AIDS to the California Planning Group.


Image of Pharmacist"A Fundamental Service" (Video)Opens in a new browser window.- Aimed at pharmacists, this short video provides an overview of California's Disease Prevention Demonstration Project (DPDP), in which pharmacies may sell syringes without a prescription for the purpose of reducing the spread of HIV and hepatitis C in their communities.


Image of Police Officer"The Risks of the Job: Protecting Law Enforcement from Needle Stick Injuries (Video)Opens in a new browser window.- Made in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), this educational documentary explains how officers can reduce the risk of infection by needle sticks on the job.  LAPD officers visit a needle exchange on their beat and explore the ways that Needle  Exchange Programs help keep law enforcement officers and their communities safer.

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