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General Data Use and Disclosure Agreement (DUA) Questions and Processes

General DUA Questions

What information will be in the DUA data?

For all cases that your jurisdiction has primary or secondary ownership, you will receive a person-based dataset with demographic variables, diagnosis data, and recent laboratory results.

Who can receive the data sets?

Every county (including SF and LA) who has a DUA on file with OA.

What is the release schedule?

  • First Quarter: Available the second week of April with cumulative data through March
  • Second Quarter: Available the second week of July with cumulative data through June
  • Third Quarter: Available the second week of October with cumulative data through September
  • Fourth Quarter: Available the second week of January with cumulative data through December

In what format will the data be sent?

DUA datasets are available in Excel or SAS formats. The same variables are present in both file formats and both formats will be disseminated to your Secure File Transfer folder. If you have questions about which format is more appropriate for your jurisdiction, contact Brian Bannister at Brian.Bannister@cdph.ca.gov.

What if I need my data between quarterly releases?

Counties who need data runs outside of this schedule can place the request with the Surveillance Section Chief.

Who should sign the DUA?

The signature is up to the county. Having read the DUA, the county should determine for itself who is authorized to enter into the Agreement and who agrees to abide by and enforce all terms therein.

Who can request data from OA?

Each county must send a list of authorized staff that can request data. It is up to the counties to maintain this list. The list should be sent to Scott Masten so it can be maintained with your executed DUA.


Step-by-Step Process for Obtaining an Active DUA with OA

  1. Send an email request to Cullen.Riggs@cdph.ca.gov.  In your request, indicate the name of the person authorized to sign the DUA for your county, and a list of staff you authorize to receive your data.
  2. The DUA will be created and sent to you for signature.  Return the signed DUA to OA through the U.S. mail, and include a copy of your security policy as well as the name of your Security Officer (see Section IX, DUA).
  3. The DUA will be signed by OA, and a copy returned to you.
  4. As the DUA states, you are required to train your staff who will be receiving the data on the requirements and conditions outlined in the DUA, and each individual must sign a county developed certification stating the employee’s name and the date on which training was completed. Theses certificates must be maintained by the counties and available for inspection as required (see Section X, DUA). 

Mail signed DUA to: 

California Department of Public Health
Surveillance Section  ATTN: Cullen Fowler-Riggs
PO Box 997426  MS 7706
Sacramento, CA 95899-7426


For additional information about the DUA application and approval process, please contact Cullen Fowler-Riggs of the Surveillance Quality Management Unit at Cullen.Riggs@cdph.ca.gov or (916) 449-5867.

For information and help using your DUA dataset, contact Brian Bannister at Brian.Bannister@cdph.ca.gov.

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