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Prior Year IAS Management Memos


Management Memo 2015-21 informs ADAP Enrollment Workers that OA-HIPP clients who were co-enrolled in Blue Shield of California and Covered California in 2014 were issued refunds because Blue Shield of California did not allocate the expected amount of premiums towards all members’ health care services.  Because OA-HIPP is the payer of last resort and paid for the clients health insurance premiums the letter is instructing clients to return the full or partial refund amount to OA-HIPP.

This memo informs ADAP Enrollment Workers of the upcoming Covered California open enrollment period,  Covered California new enrollment and renewal requirements, and OA-HIPP documentation requirements. For your reference, attached to the memo are two client letters. The first letter was mailed to all ADAP-Only (uninsured) clients. The second letter was mailed to all OA-HIPP clients who are enrolled in a Covered California health insurance plan.

Management Memo 2015-16 provides guidance on OA-HIPP application packet requirements for new and existing OA-HIPP clients. The fax cover sheet has also been updated to include a checklist of requirements for enrollment and recertification.

  • 2015-11  OA-HIPP Enrollment Worker Reference Tool (PDF) Open in a new window browser.

    Management memorandum 2015-11 is intended to provide information to all ADAP Enrollment Workers regarding the OA-HIPP Tool. The purpose of the OA-HIPP Tool is to provide guidance regarding OA-HIPP eligibility, enrollment, re-enrollment, and recertification. Eligibility Workers may use the OA-HIPP Tool as a checklist and guide as they enroll clients into OA-HIPP. The objective of the OA-HIPP Tool is to provide guidance in the process of screening prospective OA-HIPP clients for eligibility and maintaining current required documents in clients files for annual re-enrollment and recertification.

  • 2015-03   OA- HIPP Application Packet: ARIES Consent Form (PDF) Open in a new window browser.

ARIES (AIDS Regional Information and Evaluation System) Consent Form is no longer required.

OA HIPP eligibility requirements for individuals who are eligible for employer based health insurance. Also references an updated OA HIPP client responsibilities document (summarizing OA-HIPP re-enrollment and recertification requirements and answers to frequently asked questions).

Details the application deadlines for new HIPP clients with Covered California plans and how existing Covered California clients should file their 2014 federal taxes.





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