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Applications Open for Public Comment & List of State-Certified SEPs

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Office of AIDS (OA) welcomes comments on all proposed SEP applications. Once an organization files an application via online or mail, CDPH/OA has 30 business days from receipt of the application to deem the application provisionally appropriate or to notify the applicant of the reason for rejection. If an application is deemed provisionally appropriate by CDPH/OA, a 90-day public comment period is required prior to State certification.

Please note that all public comments submitted to CDPH may be subject to release under the California Public Records Act. Submission of comments is voluntary and it is optional for submitters to include their name and contact information.

Applications Open for Public Comment

Kings County Needle Exchange

The Kings County Public Health Department is proposing to implement a Syringe Exchange Program. The Kings County Needle Exchange goal is to reduce the transmission of blood-borne pathogens in the injecting drug using community by utilizing a harm reduction framework. The program will implement a one-for-one-plus model. This model was chosen in an effort to better meet the actual needs of participants. The Kings County Needle Exchange will have fixed site locations in Hanford, Lemoore, Corcoran, and Avenal Health Clinics. The Hanford location exchange program will take place one time a week for three hours at the Health Department. All other services offered at the Health Department will cease while the needle exchange takes placed. The syringe exchange will also take place in Lemoore, Corcoran and Avenal at the Health Department clinics on a once-per-month basis.

As required under California Health and Safety Code Section 121349, this website posting opens a 90-day public comment period, which will close on January 29, 2017.

All public comments must be in writing and submitted to CDPH no later than 11:59 p.m., January 29, 2017.

Public comments can be submitted at: SEPCertificationProgram@cdph.ca.gov


State-Certified SEPs

Orange County Needle Exchange Program

Telephone: (714) 794-5643

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Hours and days of operation: Saturdays from 12 PM to 3 PM






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Notice of Authorization of the Orange County Needle Exchange Program Application (February 11, 2016)

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