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Application Procedures

Deadline for application forms is October 31st.

    • Application forms must be received by October 31st for the following training year from July 1 to June 30; supplementary forms (official transcripts from graduate education and three letters for recommendation) must also be received by October 31st.  Applications that do not meet these deadlines will not be considered for the current cycle.
    • Final acceptance into a two-year residency position is contingent upon acceptance into one of the California schools of public health with which CDPH has an affiliation.
    • Primary selection criteria are a demonstrated interest in and ability to practice in a public health agency in California.
    • General Application Timeline
    • October 31st Applications Due
      October 31st Supporting Documents Due
      December - January Interviews
      January - June Acceptance Letters

         For additional information, please contact:

    Preventive Medicine Residency Program
    California Department of Public Health 
    Program Coordinator: Esther Jones
    Mail Stop 7213
    P.O. Box 997377
    Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

    Phone:  (916) 552-9920
    Fax:  (916) 552-9994

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