Welcome to the State of California 

Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs - Staff Assignments

Deputy Director  
Monica Wagoner   
DE     Drinking Water  
HCR  Health Care Reform  
Assistant Deputy  
Sheena Nash  (916) 440-7519  
SB  State Budget  
FR  Food, Drug and Radiation Safety Center for Environmental Health
Legislative Coordinators  
Erica Eisenlauer  (916) 445-7279  
LC  Licensing and Certification Center for Health Care Quality
LB  Lab Field Services  Office of the State Lab Director
Richard T. Kwong  (916) 324-5271
CD  Chronic Disease and Injury Control
Center for Chronic Disese Prevention and Health Promotion
EO  Environmental & Occupational Disease
MA  Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health
Center for Family Health
GD  Genetic Disease
WC  Women, Infants & Children
OH  Office of Health Equity
Executive Office
Joshua Speaks  (916) 440-7515
DE   Drinking Water Center for Enviornmental Health
Tony Huizar  (916) 440-7514
EP  Public Health Emergency Preparedness  
Emegency Preparedness Office
HI   Health Information and Strategic Planning
Health Information and Strategic Planning
AS  Office of AIDS
Center for Infectious Diseases
DC  Communicable Disease
LS  Office of Legal Services


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