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Historical HISP Programs

The following California Department of Public Health Programs are no longer available. 

  • California Healthcare for Indigents Program (CHIP) and Rural Health Services (RHS) Program:  These programs allocated Prop 99 tobacco tax revenues to participating counties for uncompensated health services provided to the medically indigent.  
  • Emergency Medical Services Appropriation (EMSA) Program: This program provided reimbursement for uncompensated emergency services provided by physicians.
  • Proposition 99 Contract Back Programs: Prop 99 funds declined by small counties that were eligible to participate in the Rural Health Services Program were administered by CHSB through the following two programs to reimburse providers for services to poor people with no means or other sources of payment for the services they received: (1) the Children’s Treatment Contract Back Program and (2) the EMSA Contract Back Program.
  • Local Public Health Services Program (LPHSP): This program provided public health services for small counties, including environmental health, public health nursing, and various administrative support services.  At this time, there are no counties contracting for this program. 
  • Medically Indigent Care Reporting System (MICRS): This program provided information based on summary data associated with the provision of indigent health care services by participating counties.

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