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Healthy Communities Data and Indicators Project (HCI)


The goal of HCI is to enhance public health by providing data, a standardized set of  statistical measures, and tools that a broad array of sectors can use for planning healthy communities and evaluating the impact of plans, projects, policy, and environmental changes on community health. With funding by the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), the HCI is a 2-year collaboration of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to create and disseminate indicators linked to the Healthy Communities Framework. This framework was developed by the SGC Health in All Policies Task Force with extensive public discussion and input from community stakeholders and public health organizations.

Project Description

Project Summary and Background

Draft, Core List of Indicators (1/15/2013)

Data and Indicators Now Available

We are now vetting data sources and developing the methods to construct the 50+ indicators on the draft, core list (1/15/2013). As we construct indicators, we would like to share the information we have gathered about each indicator – its significance to health, evidence that links the indicator to health outcomes, data sources, bibliographic references, the methods we used, and limitations that impact the interpretation of the indicator. We also will share examples of maps, charts, and tables from the data files we have created and posted below. We invite you to download the pdfs and Excel data files and use them to create maps, charts, and tables of your own community. Please give us your feedback so we can improve these data products. We will post data for additional indicators as they become available. Please send your comments to Dr. Neil Maizlish (Neil.Maizlish@cdph.ca.gov).


Healthy Communities Framework ‒ What is a Healthy Community?

►Meets Basic Needs of All

pdf    xls    ■■■■■  Food Affordability: average cost of a market basket of nutritious food items relative to income 

pdf    xls    ■■■■■  Access to healthy foods: retail food environment index  

    pdf    xls    ■■■■■ Access to Parks: Percent of residents within ½ mile of a park, beach, or open space

    pdf         ■ Public Transit Access: Percent of population residing within ½ mile of a major transit stop

     Bay Area*          Southern California        San Diego County          Sacramento County Area

    pdf          ■■■■■■■■ Severe and fatal road traffic injuries (rate per mile traveled) (rev.12/17/13)

    Alameda-Nevada Counties, State, Regions      Orange-Yuba Counties 

    pdf    xls    ■■■■■ Percent of residents mode of transportation to work (rev.12/12/13)

    pdf    xls    ■■■■■ Miles per capita by car, public transit, and walk/bicycle 

    pdf    xls    ■■■■■ Percent of residents by time walking and bicycling  (rev. 3/26/14)

    pdf         ■■■■■■■■■ Housing Cost Burden: Percent of households incurring housing cost burdens (rev. 7/30/14)

                                 Alameda-Nevada Counties, State, Regions     Orange-Sutter Counties   Tehama-Yuba Counties

    pdf    xls   ■■■■■ Household Crowding: Percent of household overcrowding and severe overcrowding

    ►Quality and Sustainability of Environment

    pdf    xls     ■■■■■ Annual Average Number of Unhealthy Days of Ozone Air Pollution   

    pdf    xls     ■■■■■ Average Ambient PM2.5 Concentration   

    pdf        ■■■■■ Unsafe Drinking Water: Percent of the population served by Community Water Systems not meeting Safe Drinking Water Act  regulations

    Alameda-Nevada Counties, State, Regions   Orange-Yuba Counties

    Adequate Levels of Economic, Social Development

    pdf    xls     ■■■■■ High School or Greater Educational Attainment in the Population Aged 25 Years and Older    

    pdf    xls     ■■■■■ Living Wage (single mother with children and married couple with children) 

    pdf    xls     ■■■■■ Poverty Rate: Overall, Concentrated, and Child (under 18 years of age)

    pdf   xls     ■■■■■ Unemployment Rate

    Health and Social Equity

    pdf    xls     ■■■■■ Income Inequality: Household income relative to the number of households (Gini Index) (rev. 3/26/14)

    Social Relationships that are Supportive and Respectful

    pdf     xls     ■■■■■ Number of Violent Crimes per 1,000 population  

    pdf     xls    ■■■■■ Voter Registration/Participation: Percent of the eligible population registered to vote and the percent who voted in statewide elections

    pdf      ■■■■■ Proximity to Alcohol Outlets: Percent of the population within ¼ mile of alcohol outlets

    Alameda-Nevada Counties, State, Regions   Orange-Yuba Counties


    * Replaces previous indicator based on residence within ½ mile of a regional transit stop and  ¼ of a local transit stop 

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