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Food, Drug, and Radiation Safety Division

Division of Food, Drug and Radiation Safety Organizational Chart


Public health and safety professionals building the world’s best and most respected food, drug, medical device, consumer product safety, and radiation safety programs.... Our product is an improved quality of life for all California residents.


To promote and improve the health of all California residents by ensuring that the safety of foods, drugs, medical devices, consumer products, and the medical and industrial uses of radiation through education, standards setting, investigation, inspection, and control of these resources.

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Food and Drug Branch 

Food and Drug Laboratory Branch

Radiologic Health Branch                                                                          

Below is the contact information for Division Administration only, if you need immediate service to your inquiry please contact the related Organization.


 Main Phone Number to Division Staff: (916) 440-7880

Stephen Woods, Chief
Russ Huck, Asst. Chief
Rosalie Gosavich, Admin. Chief
Division of Food, Drug and Radiation Safety
California Department of Public Health
Mail Station 7600 (MS 7600)
P.O. Box 997377
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377
1500 Capitol Avenue, 5th Floor, MS 7600
Sacramento, CA 95814
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