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Is fluoride a poison?  No.

Fluoride is NOT a poison at the concentrations found in optimally fluoridated water. Like minerals such as zinc and iron, fluoride is classified by the National Research Council as an important trace element in human nutrition (National Research Council, 1990). But, like many common substances vital for health, fluoride can be poisonous in excessive amounts. Daily intake over many years of 20-80 milligrams or more, depending upon body weight, is required to produce symptoms of chronic poisoning. Doses such as these are associated with water supplies that contain at least 10 ppm of naturally-occurring fluoride. Millions of people have been consuming water containing natural or adjusted fluoride at 0.7-1.2 ppm throughout their lives with no adverse health effects. The Society of Toxicology has stated that, "Under controlled conditions as recommended by qualified public health authorities, the Society of Toxicology finds water fluoridation to be a safe measure." (Society of Toxicology, 1968). 


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