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"Industrial Grade"

Has "industrial grade" fluoride been tested for safety and effectiveness?  Yes.

All chemicals used for the treatment of water are "industrial grade" chemicals. This term does not indicate that it is less pure, only that the major use is for industrial purposes. "Industrial grade" fluoride has met the American Water Works Association standard for use in water fluoridation for over 50 years: hence, it is considered safe and effective. Only additives that have been certified pursuant to ANSI / NSF Standard 60 can be used in California.  All three forms of fluoride used in California water fluoridation have met this standard.  No chemical difference exists between fluoride present naturally and that which is added to the water supply. Therefore, safety can be assured by residents of communities that fluoridate their water (National Research Council, 1977). 


National Research Council. 1977. Safe Drinking Water Committee, Drinking Water and Health. Washington, D.C. National Academy of Sciences, p. 369-400.


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