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Does fluoridation constitute experimentation on humans without their consent?  No.

The conditions under which facts were learned about fluoridation were provided by a circumstance of nature, not by human intent or experimentation.  Nature provided by answers about the effects of administering fluorides in various concentration and over long periods of time (Doty, 1954).  Dr. Leo Alexander, a Boston physician and a medical advisor to the Nuremberg Tribunal writes, "The basic part of the work on fluoridation that could be construed as experimentation had actually been done long ago by nature itself." '. . . it appears that a great many competent investigators have proven the fact that fluorine concentration of drinking water between 1.2-3.0 ppm. occurring naturally in many localities, is perfectly innocuous . . ."'. . . the proposed fluoridation of water can no longer be regarded as an experiment in the sense of our ten rules (on human experimentation)." (American Dental Association, 1956). 


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