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Does water containing 1.0 ppm fluoride contain poisonous amounts of fluoride after boiling?  No.

The amount of fluoride in water can increase after boiling. However, even if 50 percent of the water is boiled and no fluoride is lost to the atmosphere, the maximum concentration would only be 2 ppm (Sanders, 1996). Scientific reports which include individuals boiling their water for purposes of cooking do not show any health effects after repeated and periodic medical examinations (Leone, 1954). The minimum fluoride dosage required to produce fatality is 5.0-10.0 grams or 5,000-10,000 mg (ppm). This dosage represents from 2500 to 5000 times the amount of fluoride contained in a quart of water fluoridated at 1.0 ppm (Hodge and Smith, 1954).  


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