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Cal-EIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Each trainee will receive a stipend of approximately $43,000 per annum.  Trainees are responsible for paying their own taxes and obtaining whatever insurance they need.  The aforementioned rate of payment constitutes the full compensation payable to trainee and no additional payment will be made for health insurance or any related educational expenses in that there is no tax withholding; trainee shall be responsible for all federal and state taxes. In some placements, trainees are paid via other mechanisms with approximately the same stipend amount as above. 

The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CSTE/CDC) has developed a list of competencies for Applied Epidemiology/Public Health.  Cal-EIS has modified these competencies slightly and each Cal-EIS Fellow shall work towards achieving selecting competencies during their fellowship year. Mastery of a specific competency is achieved through a combination of coursework completed in an applicant's MPH program and practical work experience.  The goal for each Fellow is to achieve as many competencies as possible, especially those that would be important and relevant to immediate future career goals.  It is not expected that a Fellow will obtain competency in all of the Skill Domains; there is flexibility according to the needs of the placement site and the interests of the Fellow.  It provides a structural framework to work towards.

The Competency Chart will be very helpful and an important tool to help guide Fellowship activities and to measure the competencies achieved during the year.  They will be used to determine successful completion of the Fellowship and the quality of their training.  In addition, they can be used as records of skills, experience and expertise in pursuit of employment positions upon completion of the Fellowship. Competency Chart (PDF, New Window)

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