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Environmental Management Branch

The Environmental Management Branch, seeks to create a safer environment through advanced public health protection. The Chief of EMB is Kelvin Yamada (916) 449-5661

Among EMB's duties is training for disaster, emergency, and terrorism preparedness for environment health professionals (see links below).  

EMB consists of two Sections:

  • The Emergency, Restoration, and Waste Management Section houses the Department of Defense Program, the Medical Waste Management Program, and the Nuclear Emergency Response Program. 

The Section Chief is Ronald Pilorin (916) 449-5671

  • The Environmental Health Services Section houses the Institutions Program, the Preharvest Shellfish and Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Program, the Radon Program, the Recreational Health Program, and the Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) Program.

The Section Chief is Eric Trevena (916) 449-5695

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