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Drinking Water Program Enforcement Actions

Last updated: March 20, 2014

The Department of Public Health is authorized by Sections 116650 and 116655 of the California Health and Safety Code to issue citations and orders (enforcement actions) for a violation of it or any regulation, permit, standard, citation, or order issued thereunder. These citations and orders are issued by Department’s Drinking Water Program (DWP) District and Regional Offices.

The DWP has five regions which contain 23 district offices. The DWP District Office Map shows the counties each district office is responsible for and the district offices that make up each region. It also gives contact information for each district and regional office.

As of January 1, 2013, a copy of each enforcement action issued by the DWP will be placed at this location on the Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management (DDWEM) website. Listed below is a link for each County in the state. The number in each link is the number that is used to represent that county. These numbers are the first one or two digits in the ID number assigned to each public water system. Each enforcement action issued is placed in the County link that corresponds to the physical location of the public water system that was issued the citation or the order.

The Naming Convention for citations and compliance orders defines each element in the file name given to each enforcement action document. The file name contains the Region Number, the District Number, the calendar year issued, whether it is a citation or an order, the water system ID number, a violation code which identifies the type of violation, and whether the action assessed a monetary penalty. The link above is to a document that explains the naming convention in detail.

A list of violation codes gives the name of the violation associated with each code as well as the violation category. The name of each violation contains an abbreviation which refers to the applicable federal regulation adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the Department of Public Health has or is in the process of adopting. These abbreviations are defined in this link.






Alameda (01)

Kings (16)

Orange (30)

Shasta (45)

Alpine (02)

Lake (17)

Placer (31)

Sierra (46)

Amador (03)

Lassen (18)

Plumas (32)

Siskiyou (47)

Butte (04)

Los Angeles (19)

Riverside (33)

Solano (48)

Calaveras (05)

Madera (20)

Sacramento (34)

Sonoma (49)

Colusa (06)

Marin (21)

San Benito (35)

Stanislaus (50)

Contra Costa (07)

Mariposa (22)

San Bernardino (36)

Sutter (51)

Del Norte (08)

Mendocino (23)

San Diego (37)

Tehama (52)

El Dorado (09)

Merced (24)

San Francisco (38)

Trinity (53)

Fresno (10)

Modoc (25)

San Joaquin (39)

Tulare (54)

Glenn (11)

Mono (26)

San Luis Obispo (40)

Tuolumne (55)

Humboldt (12)

Monterey (27)

San Mateo (41)

Ventura (56)

Imperial (13)

Napa (28)

Santa Barbara (42)

Yolo (57)

Inyo (14)

Nevada (29)

Santa Clara (43)

Yuba (58)

Kern (15)

Santa Cruz (44)

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