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Climate Change and Public Health Resources

California State Adaptation Planning

  • CA Climate Change Portal: Public Health and Climate Change Adaptation   
  • (NEW) Safeguarding California: Reducing Climate Risk (PDF, 7.13MB)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Safeguarding California: A State's Updated Adaptation Plan- Webinar
  • California Adaptation Plan 2009- Chapter 4: Public Health (PDF, 4.23 MB)Opens a new browser window.
  • State and Local Health Department Adaptation Planning

  • California Climate Adaptation Planning Guide 
  • Assessing Health Vulnerability to Climate Change: A Guide for Health Departments (PDF, 4.3MB)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in California: Community Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation Strategies – Heat Related Illness and Mortality 
  • Preparing California for Extreme Heat: Guidance and Recommendations (PDF)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Bay Area Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Nine County-Level Snapshots (PDF)Opens a new browser window.  
  • Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCC)
  • Mitigation Planning

  • Climate Action for Health: Integrating Public Health into Climate Action Planning (PDF, 2.2MB)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Senate Bill 375: An Opportunity to Design Healthy Sustainable Communities (PDF, 1.62MB)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Assessing the Co-Benefits of San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan (PDF, 1.4MB)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Climate Science

  • Climate Change Impacts in the United States: US Climate Change 3rd Assessment (PDF, 23MB)Opens a new browser window.
  • California Climate Change Assessments (3rd, 2nd, and 1st) 
  • Climate Change: Just the Facts- Governor’s Office of Planning and Research 
  • IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
  • CalAdapt- Explore California’s Climate Change Research 
  • Climate and Health

  • A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change (PDF, 5MB) Opens a new browser window.
  • Climate Change and Health Fact Sheets- Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • IPCC Chapter 8: Human Health (PDF)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Climate Justice and Health Equity

  • The Climate Gap: Inequalities in How Climate Change Hurts Americans & How to Close the Gap (PDF) Opens a new browser window.
  • Minding the Climate Gap: What’s at Stake California's Climate Law isn't Done Right and Right Away (PDF, 7.3 MB)Opens a new browser window. 
  • Communicating Climate and Health

  • Conveying the Human Implications of Climate Change (PDF, 5.5MB) Opens a new browser window.
  • Climate Change & Health Focus Group Report (PDF)Opens a new browser window.
  • CDPH Climate Change Webpages

  • Climate Change, the Environment, and Health- Environmental Health Investigations Branch of CDPH

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