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Climate and Health: Education and Communications

The Climate Change and Public Health Team and the CAT-PHWG have sponsored a series of trainings and webinars on communicating climate change as a public health issue. The Team provides guidance to local health departments on ways to integrate the health impacts of climate change into their public health programs. This includes developing a communications strategy and messages to increase awareness of climate change as a critical public health issue.

To help inform these efforts, the Team conducted six focus groups (three in English and three in Spanish) in California (Fresno, Los Angeles, San Jose/Oakland) with community health leaders between May and June 2013. The focus groups explored the existing knowledge and attitudes of climate change as a public health issue among those residents who are currently involved in broader (non-climate change) community health endeavors. These endeavors ranged from chronic disease, school and child health, asthma, physical activity, food and nutrition, healthy built environment, emergency preparedness/response, environmental justice and other focal areas. This project was reviewed and approved by both the state Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects and UC Davis Institutional Review Board.

  • Climate Change & Health Focus Group Report (PDF)Opens a new browser window.
    Prepared by Harder+Company Community Research for the California Department of Public Health
  • Resources

  • Conveying the Human Implications of Climate Change (PDF, 5.56 MB)Opens a new browser window.
    A Climate Change Communication Primer for Public Health Professionals
  • Webinars

  • Understanding the Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in California's Vulnerable Populations (PDF, 19MB)Opens a new browser window.
    Explore how the changing climate is impacting health in California’s regions, how vulnerable populations are uniquely impacted, and examples of what communities are doing to address climate change while improving their health and local environments.
  • Communicating Climate Change as a Critical Public Health Issue (PDF, 4.8MB)Opens a new browser window.
    Learn how to effectively communicate the health impacts of climate change to mobilize the communities you work with to adopt behaviors and support public policies that both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve health.
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