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Program Overview

The California Children’s Dental Disease Prevention Program (CCDDPP) is a comprehensive school-based prevention program based on need.  CCDDPP operates 33 programs in 31 counties which serve approximately 300,000 California preschool and elementary school children annually.  Need is based on the proportion of Free and Reduced School Lunch Program participation for each county.

These programs are managed by the local health department, the county superintendent of schools or a nonprofit agency. Click for list of LOCAL CCDDP Programs County teams who work to increase access to dental care and educate the public to prevent early childhood cavities, oral injuries and dental disease. Health educators and teachers explain the importance of dental health and oversee the brushing and fluoride components in the classroom.

CCDDPP has five required program components: 

  • Fluoride supplementation: varnish, weekly mouth rinse or daily tablet.
  • Dental sealants.
  • Plaque control.
  • Oral health education.
  • An active oral health advisory committee.
  • Dental screenings are an optional component.
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