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Program Guidelines

General Program Guidelines (Word)Opens a New Window
Guidelines are provided to help grantees structure and conduct the program at the local level.  You will find these guidelines helpful in answering many program questions such as how many weeks must enrolled children receive fluoride supplementations or are dental screenings a required program component.  These guidelines cover issues relating to preschool through sixth grade children.

Fluoride Program Guidelines (Word)Opens a New Window
The fluoride guidelines outline program requirements, provide background information on the various supplementation options available to grantees, and research about the benefits of fluoride.  They will assist the local program in choosing which supplementation method best suits their target population.  Sample permission forms and prescription forms are included for your use.   These guidelines also include safety instructions and emergency procedures.

Fluoride Varnish Guidelines (Word)Opens a New Window
The varnish guidelines are provided to assist in the planning and development of a varnish program. The guidelines include varnish application protocols and billing information.

Dental Screening Guidelines (Word)Opens a New Window
Dental screenings are an optional program component, although many programs use basic dental screenings as a filter for sealant screenings.  This document guides programs on how to use the standard screening form (Word)Opens a New Windowand provides information you may find helpful when filling out the year-end reporting form.

Sealant Guidelines (Word)Opens a New Window
The dental sealant guidelines are provided to help grantees structure and conduct the dental sealant portion of the program.  They provide guidance for initial program set up, as well as answer general questions about what is required of the local program.  Sample forms and research articles regarding dental sealants are included here. 


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