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2008 Annual Conference

CCDDPP will not be hosting a conference this year.  Please check again next year; we hope to be in Southern California in 2009.

2007 Annual Conference

Confronting Oral Health Disparities Among AIAN Children - David Nash and Ron Nagel (PDF)Opens a New Window

Developing a Pediatric Oral Health Therapist to Help Address Oral Health Disparities Among Children - David Nash (PDF)Opens a New Window

Developing and deploying a New Member of the Dental Team: A Pediatric Oral Health Therapist - David Nash (PDF)Opens a New Window

Current Science on Communtiy Water Fluoridation - Howard Pollick (PowerPoint)Opens a New Window

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Community Water Fluoridation in California - David Nelson (PowerPoint)Opens a New Window

Dental Benefits Under Healthcare Reform: Assessing the Risks and Opportunites for Advocates of Oral Health - Jeff Album (PowerPoint)Opens a New Window

A Brief History and Current Status of a Dental Therapy Initiative in the United States - David Nash (PDF)Opens a New Window

Supporting Effective Classroom Management Strategies: Sometimes, It Is Your Class! - Gordon Jackson (PowerPoint)Opens a New Window


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Past Annual Conferences


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