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Weight and health is affected by multiple factors across one's life time, by including living and working environments. A variety of policy and community-based interventions are needed to support healthy weight for women before, during and after pregnancy.  Interventions can be folded into most Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Programs..

  • Interventions must focus on strategies to promote healthful living by concentrating primarily on nutrition and physical activity and investing in women's health before a woman becomes pregnant.
  • Healthier women before pregnancy = healthier mothers.
  • Healthier mothers = healthier babies, who develop into healthier children.  View “The “Trickle-Down” Theory of Preconception Health”Opens a new browser window.


For information and resources on supporting healthy weight among women, click on the links below.


  • Pregnancy Weight Gain Guidelines Toolkit for Counseling and Dissemination (IOM)
    These resources to support healthy weight for women during pregnancy include a webinar, poster summarizing the weight gain guidelines, a pamphlet for providers, a pamphlet for women, a weight gain tracker, a “five common myths” chart, and an interactive infographic.
  • Your Health and the Health of Your Baby educational materials
    information about how much weight to gain during pregnancy to be healthy and ensure a healthy baby.
  • BMI  (Body Mass Index) Calculator
  • MyPlate Resources
  • A Weight Gain Tracking Program for Pregnant Women
    Developed by the Public Health Foundation Enterprises WIC Program

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