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Medication Error Reduction Plan (MERP) Program

Program’s Mission

The MERP Program endeavors to promote safe and effective medication use in General Acute Care Hospitals (GACH) through reduction of preventable medication-related errors and adverse events.

The program's objectives will be achieved through:
The Department's survey activities whereby each hospital's MERP will be assessed for implementation and compliance in accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 1339.63, including California Code of Regulations, Title 22; and, ongoing collaborative efforts with stakeholders to advance medication safety strategies statewide to decrease identified system vulnerabilities.

MERP E-mail

In our ongoing efforts to provide transparency and collaboration with providers and the public, CDPH, has email address for individuals to submit MERP related questions or comments. The email address will provide a central point of contact where facilities and other interested parties can send emails in regards to MERP surveys and/or the MERP survey process. The email address is: MERP@cdph.ca.gov.  Each email received will be acknowledged and the appropriate response subsequently sent by return email. Email responses from the MERP mailbox will be sent under the name “CDPH L&C MERP” unless the incoming email is forwarded for further research and specific individual response.

MERP Survey Documents

MERP Entrance Conference Documents Request (Attachment A)rev.6/14 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window

MERP Survey Facility Questionnaire (Attachment B) Adobe PDF Opens in New Window

MERP Survey Evaluation Form (Attachment C) Adobe PDF Opens in New Window

Program Related All Facilities Letters (AFLs)

 AFL 09-31 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window  All General Acute Care Hospitals and Special Hospitals  Change in Medication Error Reduction Plan (MERP) Survey Process  August 10, 2009
 AFL 09-56 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window  All Facilities  Medication Safety:  Storage of Medications Requiring Refrigeration  December 31, 2009
 AFL 08-39 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window  All General Acute Care Hospitals and Special Hospitals  Survey Process for Medication Plans (MERP)  December 9, 2008
 AFL 07-33 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window  General Acute Care Hospitals  Medication Safety:  Use of Medications with "Boxed Warnings"  November 05, 2007
 AFL 05-02 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window General Acute Care Hospitals  Storage and Use of Emergency Medications  February 1, 2005

MERP Program Presentations

CDPH Presentation at CMS Region IX Patient Safety Collaborative September 2011 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window
CDPH Presentation at CSHP Conference October 2010 Adobe PDF Opens in New Window

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