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Centralized Applications Unit (CAU)

The Center for Health Care Quality’s Centralized Applications Unit’s (CAU) mission is to ensure standardization and consistency of the state licensing and federal certification application process.  

To better accomplish this mission and fully centralize the process, the CAU has absorbed all facility applications previously processed by the Center’s district offices. The CAU has increased staffing and is actively implementing efficiencies to improve the timeliness of processing applications.  

This processing timeline also applies to requests for changes to existing facilities such as Change of Administrator; Change of Administrator Designee; Change of Bed; Change of Director of Nursing; Change of Director of Patient Care Services; Change of Director of Patient Care Services Designee; Change in Geographical Service Area; Change of Governing Board; Change of Indirect Ownership; Change of Location, Change in Mailing Address; Change of Name, Change of Service and Change of Stock Transfer.


Licensing and Certification Forms

To obtain all facility licensing application and certification forms use the link below:



Where to Submit Completed Forms

All completed application packages must be submitted to the Licensing and Certification, Centralized Applications Unit at the address listed below. DO NOT send any completed applications to the local district office.

California Department of Public Health
Licensing and Certification Program
Centralized Applications Unit
P.O. Box 997377, MS 3207
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377


Application Status or Questions

Submit the following information to our CAU mailbox at CAU@cdph.ca.gov:

  • Name of Facility
  • License or Facility # (if you already have one)
  • Address
  • Facility Type
  • Date documentation sent
  • Contact Number


Should you have any additional questions, please call (916) 552-8632.

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