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Overview: This objective of this project is to extend the functionality of the State of CA’s Screening Information System application to provide
Newborn Screening Test Results electronically in HL7 format for providers.

Overall, the project is intended to: Provide an efficient solution for transmitting newborn screening results to hospitals and clinicians, and move
away from paper-based manual processes

Meet the goal of “Meaningful Use” for HIE since paper exchange does not conform to federal incentives toward EHR adoption and “Meaningful
Use” of these systems. Providers have strong incentives to move away from paper as soon as possible.

National Standards: The file format defined for the file transmission follows national standards established for the electronic transmission of NBS
results, derived from the following sources:

Format standards from the “HITSP Newborn Screening Interoperability Specification”* Content standards from the “Newborn Screening Coding and
Terminology Guide” published by the National Library of Medicine SIS will use the Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC)**
to communicate the analytes, laboratory observations & diagnostic information

In cases where no LOINC code currently exists, a local code is proposed

NBS test results message will follow HL7 version 2.5.1 messaging format, recommended by Cal eConnect SIS will use the HIPAA compliant and state approved secure FTP protocol for transferring the NBS test results messages to the providers

* HITSP is the Health Information Technology Standards Panel
** LOINC provide a set of universal codes and names to identify analytes, laboratory observations and diagnostic information

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