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Healthcare Provider Brochures and Booklets

Image of Breast Algorithms
Breast Algorithms

These algorithms were developed by an expert panel of California providers specifically for primary care clinicians, who play a key role in ensuring that women receive timely diagnostic and follow-up services. 



Image of Cervical Algorithms

Cervical Algorithms

These algorithms, cytologic and histologic, were developed in response to the recommendations of the Bethesda 2000 committee for the purpose of providing clinicians with guidelines on cervical cancer screening and follow-up.



Image of the Diagnosis and Treatment GuideDiagnosis and Treatment Guide

A resource for women undergoing diagnostic work-up for breast cancer and for patients diagnosed with breast cancer in English.



Image of Reminder Card

Reminder Cards

A perfect card for health providers to send to women to remind them it’s time for their yearly clinical breast exam, mammogram and Pap test.  The card is bilingual and has ample space for a health provider to add a personalized message.  These reminder cards are available in English/Spanish (PDF, New Window) | Korean | Chinese | Vietnamese.



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