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California Performance Improvement Management (CalPIM) Network Resources Page


Moving forward together to support Accreditation, Quality Improvement, and related activities within Local and Tribal Public Health Agencies across California  


To support and enhance opportunities for Local and Tribal Public Health Agencies in the provision of quality public health services to optimize and equalize the health and well-being of all Californians 

What is CalPIM?

Welcome to the California Performance Improvement Management (CalPIM) Network Resources Page! The CalPIM Network is co-sponsored by the California Department of Public Health, Office of Quality Performance and Accreditation, and the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC). OQPA focuses on providing accreditation readiness and quality improvement (QI) technical assistance (TA) to Local and Tribal Public Health Agencies. CHEAC is a statewide organization of county and city Health Department and Agency Directors, who are responsible for the administration, oversight, and delivery of a broad range of local public health and indigent health care services. OQPA and CHEAC are aligning resources and engaging in collaborative initiatives to support CalPIM's vision and mission.  


What Information does the CalPIM website provide?

The CalPIM website includes the CalPIM Network contact list for all California Local and Tribal Public Health Agencies, archived CalPIM Network webinars, and Accreditation and QI resources from the national, state and local level. Webinars are scheduled for every other month on topics of wide interest.


Who are the CalPIM members?

CalPIM members consist of California Local and Tribal Public Health accreditation and QI staff. You can find the current list of CalPIM members by clicking the CalPIM Network Contact List.


If you have examples, documents or tools that you think other health departments may find useful, please send them our way!



For more information, please contact either OQPA at CDPH: oqpa@cdph.ca.gov or Betsy Armstrong at CHEAC: barmstrong@cheac.org



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