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Environmental Health Regulations and Statutes

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California Public Swimming Pool Requirements

California Health and Safety Code

At http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html 

  • Section 1797.182
  • Sections 116025-116068
  • Sections 115920-115927 (Residential pools)

California Code of Regulations

At http://www.calregs.com/linkedslice/default.asp?SP=CCR-1000&Action=Welcome

  • Sections 65501-65551

California Building Code

At http://www.calregs.com/linkedslice/default.asp?SP=CCR-1000&Action=Welcome

  • Sections 3101B-3137B.2  

Proposed Regulations

The following regulations have been formally proposed.

Adoption of Statewide Regulations Allowing the Use of PEX Tubing

Proposed regulations have a 45-day public comment period. "Post-hearing" changes made in response to comments have a subsequent 15-day public comment period.  Comments, which should include the regulation title and its regulation control number [e.g, R-XX-XX], need to be received by 5:00 p.m. on the date the public comment period closes, and should be directed to CDPH's Office of Regulations and Hearings.  

Once responses to comments and related documents are completed, the regulation packet goes to the Office of Administrative Law for a 35-working day review period.  If approved by OAL, the regulation is filed with the Secretary of State and becomes effective 30 days thereafter.

Future Regulations


Regulations that have been have been or eventually will be submitted to CDPH's Office of Regulations and Hearings for review, an early stage of the regulatory process, include the following: 

Contact EMB's Environmental Health Services Section at (916) 445-0498 for information on their status, or click here to find about more about the pertinent programs.

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