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California Health Interview Survey (CHIS)

The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is a population-based random-digit dial (RDD) telephone survey of households in California.  Conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, in partnership with the Department of Health Care Services and the California Department of Public Health, CHIS has been collecting essential information on the health status of Californians since 2001.  The CHIS sample is representative of the state's non-institutionalized population living in households. Sample size varies from year to year (n=42,000-55,000).  The CHIS sample is large enough to provide statistically reliable estimates of important health conditions and health-related behaviors in most counties in California.  In addition to providing information on the health of California’s adults, CHIS is one of the only data resources able to provide population-based health-related information on children and adolescents in the state. 

CHIS covers a wide range of topics, including health status, health conditions, health-related behaviors, health insurance coverage, access to and use of health care services, and the health and development of children and adolescents. Many CHIS questions are adapted from the National Health Interview Survey, other national and state surveys, and individual research projects that focus on population health. In addition, new questions are created to address topics that are unique priorities for each CHIS survey. 

CHIS data are available in several ways.  AskCHIS is a user-friendly query system, available at www.chis.ucla.edu.  For researchers, CHIS Public Use Files (PUFs) are available for download through the CHIS website (www.chis.ucla.edu). 

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