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CalREDIE Receives National Award for Best Government-to-Government IT Solution

Date: 9/13/2012


On Thursday 9/13/12, the CDPH CalREDIE system was awarded a “Digital Government Achievement” Awards for having one of the best applications in the country serving government-to-government business needs.  Now in its 17th year, the Center for Digital Government’s annual Best of the Web (BOW) contest recognizes outstanding government portals and websites based on innovation, functionality and efficiency.  The Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA) recognizes outstanding agency and department Web sites and projects at the application and infrastructure level. ALL United States and international GOVERNMENT AGENCIES - all levels and all countries - may enter their actively functioning, fully operational applications and projects.           

CalREDIE is the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) web based system for the reporting and management of public health surveillance data. The key benefit to California citizens is that CDPH has timely access to quality   information to protect and improve the public’s health.  CalREDIE expedites surveillance in a user friendly, near real-time reporting system, characterized by bi-directional reporting in a secure environment with standardized reporting elements. Configured and hosted by the California Department of Public Health, CalREDIE currently links 57 of 61 jurisdictions statewide, providing surveillance data grounded in uniformity, simplicity, and timeliness. CalREDIE also enables health care providers and laboratories to submit required reports electronically leading to improved efficiency and more timely and accurate data availability.  Timely and accurate data are essential for the identification, prevention, and investigation of infectious diseases and the planning, development, and implementation of disease control strategies.  CalREDIE facilitates rapid recognition of and efficient response for combating outbreaks and other public health threats.  CalREDIE also serves as a platform that can be used by other programs, and has already been adopted for required reporting of pesticide illnesses. 

Please send any questions or comments to  CalREDIEHelp@cdph.ca.gov.

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