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Marriage Data Files

Marriage Data Files are available for limited years due to funding restrictions.  There are currently two types of marriage files available:  The Marriage Index Files and the Marriage Statistical Master Files.  The Marriage Statistical Master Files contain some variables that are not included on the Index Files.  For a list of variables for each file, click here.

The Marriage Statistical Master Files are available for the years 1978-1985 and consist of data obtained from applications for Public Marriage licenses only, including certificate numbers and names of the bride and groom.  These files do not contain Confidential Marriages or DissolutionsThe Marriage Index Files are available from 1960-1985.  For more information about the Index Files, please click here.


Purchasing Files

The Marriage Statistical Master Files come as a CD-ROM containing a single year of data.  Each CD-ROM costs $75. The files contain raw data in American Standard Code Information Interchange (ASCII) format and are not comma-delimited. No software is included on the CD-ROM so users will need to utilize a statistical database package (such as SAS or SPSS) in order to analyze the data.  File documentation and record layouts are provided with the CD-ROMs.  To order Marriage Statistical Master Files, simply complete and return the application below to the Office of Health Information and Research.  If you have any questions pertaining to the applications, please contact the office via e-mail at OHIR@cdph.ca.gov.  For additional information about our program, please visit the OHIR Program Page.

Note: The California Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records does not collect or maintain information about whether a marriage was between individuals of the opposite sex or the same sex. 


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