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Radiologic Equipment

The Radiologic Health Branch issues State certificates to medical facilities to perform mammography, registers facilities possessing radiation sources such as X-ray machines, and notifies the regulated community of radiation control changes.

For additional information, contact the Radiologic Health Branch at (916) 327-5106.

 What's New

  1. RHB-FeeIncrease-2015-01-01.pdf
  2. Assembly Bill 510 (8-2-13)
  3. Exemption for Hand-held Portable X-ray Systems (3/14/13)
  4. Senate Bill 1237 - FAQ
  5. Computed Tomography Advisory regarding radiation exposure during Brain Perfusion Scans.  For patients, click here for patient FAQ's.
  6. Information Regarding Dental Intra-Oral X-Ray Machine Assessment Program (DIQUAD©)   In March, 2009, the Department contracted with a commercial vendor – DIQUAD©, LLC, to screen dental offices via a mail out self-testing program. The program utilizes a small device which is able to assess radiation dose and image quality for both film and digital intraoral imaging systems. This program complements our on-site radiation safety inspections, and fulfills specific regulatory requirements. As with the on-site safety inspection, the cost of this service has been covered by X-ray machine registration fees. Participation in this program is mandatory as it is a vital component of the inspection program. The surveys must be completed and returned together with the test device according to the instructions provided by DIQUAD©.

We have provided information about this program to the state and local dental associations. Please follow the links below to view this letter and other information. 

• Letter to Dental Associations
• Information for Package Recipient
• Envelope for Returning Test Materials

In most cases, this evaluation takes the place of an on-site evaluation, however, please be aware that some participants may be contacted for an on-site visit for follow-up or for quality assurance purposes. If you have further questions, please call the information line for this program at (916) 445-7433.

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Senate Bill 1237 & Assembly Bill 510
Information Notices
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