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Radiologic and Nuclear Medicine Technology, X-ray Schools, Radiologic Technology Certification Committee (RTCC), and use of X-ray machines.

NEW UPDATES (see below links): 

  • 5-27-10:  New Policy on Certification/Permitting requirements for Medical Residents and Fellows. 
  • 8-16-13: 2009 Information Notice regarding CT/PET posted.
  • 1-30-14: New Information Notice regarding Fluoroscopy Permit Examination Preparation.
  • 2-18-14: Deleted: SB 1332; Venipuncture; JRCERT; Clinical oversight links.   
  • 2-19-14: Added link to Information Notice about CE credit changes.

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Certificate and Permit Holders
Mammography Facilities
CT/PET Topics
Physician Assistants - fluoroscopy permit
Medical Residents & Fellows
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