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Current Open Examinations 

 Exam Bulletins

Final Filing Date

 Chief, Branch Public Health Laboratory

 April 18, 2016

 Bulletin Rider - Final Filing Date Extension - Chief, Branch Public Health Laboratory

April 29, 2016

Continuous Examinations

Applications are accepted continuously


Animal Technician II

Animal Technician III

Animal Technician IV

Assistant Health Physicist

Assistant Industrial Hygienist

Associate Health Physicist

Associate Health Program Adviser

Associate Industrial Hygienist

Associate Public Health Biologist

Examiner I Laboratory Field Services

Examiner II Laboratory Field Services

Examiner III Laboratory Field Services

Genetic Disease Program Specialist Series

Health Education Consultant I

Health Education Consultant II

Health Education Consultant III, Specialist

Health Facilities Evaluator II (Supervisor)

Health Facilities Evaluator Nurse

Health Facilities Evaluator Manager I

Health Facilities Evaluator Manager II

Health Program Specialist I

Health Program Specialist II

Junior Health Physicist

Medical Consultant I

Medical Record Consultant


Nurse Consultant II

Nurse Consultant III (Specialist)

Nurse Consultant III (Supervisor)

Occupational Therapy Consultant

Pharmaceutical Consultant II (Specialist)

Public Health Medical Administrator I

Public Health Medical Administrator II, C.E.A.

Public Health Medical Officer II

Public Health Medical Officer III (Epidemiology)

Public Health Medical Officer III

Public Health Microbiologist I

Public Health Microbiologist Specialist

Public Health Microbiologist Supervisor

Public Health Microbiologist II (Virology)

Public Health Microbiologist II

Public Health Nutrition Consultant I

Public Health Nutrition Consultant II

Public Health Nutrition Consultant III (Specialist)

Public Health Nutrition Consultant III (Supervisor)

Research Scientist (Various Specialties)

Senior Public Health Biologist

Supervising Public Health Biologist


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