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Vital Records Protection Advisory Committee

The Vital Records Protection Advisory Committee (VRPAC), appointed by the State Registrar, is required to study and make recommendations to protect individual privacy, inhibit identity theft, and prevent fraud pertaining to birth and death certificates while ensuring birth and death record information is accessible to those seeking it for legitimate purposes.  The VRPAC is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the State Registrar as to the adequacy of procedures to safeguard individual privacy and proposes fraud prevention measures concerning vital records.  Additionally, the VRPAC recommends to the State Registrar, items that should be redacted from information certified copies of birth and death certificates. 

Health and Safety Code, Section 103527, requires the State Registrar to appoint the VRPAC and make every effort to ensure its membership represents the community, at large.  Membership recruitment is continuous and vacancies are filled and appointed by the State Registrar from an available pool of applicants.  If interested in serving as a VRPAC memeber, please send a completed membership applicationOpens browser to a new windowand curriculum vitae (biography) to the address below.

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    VRPAC Contact Information

    California Department of Public Health
    Health Information and Research Section
    ATTN: Vital Statistics Unit
    P.O. Box 997410, MS 5101
    Sacramento, California 95899-7410
    Phone: (916) 552-8095
    Email:  OHIR@cdph.ca.gov
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