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California Department of Public Health on Path to Provide Safe Drinking Water Statewide 

Date: 7/24/2013 

Number: 13-032 

Contact: Anita Gore, Heather Bourbeau - (916) 440-7259 


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has accepted the California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Program’s (CDPH DWP) corrective action plan in response to the April 2013 notice of non-compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. In response, CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer Dr. Ron Chapman issued the following statement:

“We are committed to meeting federal and state goals to ensure Californians have access to safe and reliable drinking water throughout the state. We are pleased the U.S. EPA today accepted our corrective action plan, which allows us to achieve this goal through funding small, medium and large water system projects across the state. We have improved our processes and work with stakeholders over the last two years and will make continued improvements to get funding to water projects more quickly. CDPH will continue to work closely with our federal and state partners, and all interested parties toward achieving our goal of providing safe drinking water through California’s public water systems.”

The accepted corrective action plan can be found on the CDPH website.

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