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Date: 11/9/2009 

Number: 09-105-107 

Contact: Melinda Beer (916) 440-7259 


After receiving more than 100 entries to CDPH’s “California Film Festival — Lights, Camera, Save Lives” contest, the top-10 videos have been selected. Entrants were required to include one of four H1N1 flu prevention methods in their video:  wash hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, stay home when sick, get vaccinated when available. 

About the top-10 finalists:

Sergie Acuña, Santa Monica, Acuña, 18, from Santa Monica High School said he was inspired by the idea of sharing and caring: “I have no problem sharing my things with friends, but they could return my stuff filled with germs!”  His animated “Wash Your Hands!”  video illustrates this message.  Acuña’s love of art, drawing and editing were the incentive for his entry.

Cindy Chi, 32, from El Sobrante, created an H1N1 song with her band in the video “Shoulda Stayed Home.”  The video is also animated by Cindy.

Casey de Fremery, 22, from Livermore said that her video, “Cover Your Mouth,” was inspired by her sneezing while driving and experiencing a scary, brief moment. “My eyes shut and I couldn’t see,” said de Fremery. “For the video, all I did was exaggerate it a little bit.” 

Joshua Jones, 17, from Orange Glen High in Escondido says that the “Dufus” video was a team effort on the part of his classmates.  “The inspiration initially was from the old Enzyme commercials,” said Jones.  “Our goal was to make a cheesy old-timey commercial and it evolved into our PSA.” 

Mattin Meschi, 16, from Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley submitted a rap-style video called “Cause I’m Sick!” that encourages people to stay home when they are sick.  Mattin wrote, directed, and edited the video, and cast his friend Dylan as the main character who sings about all the fun things you can do when you are home sick.

Daniel Natzke, 18, from Ripon attends Modesto Junior College where he is studying all aspects of film and production.  He used clay animation, frame-by-frame for his comical video “H1N1 PSA: Featuring the Third Little Pig.” Daniel said the process took two days, and a third day was dedicated to editing.

The Nevada Union High Film Club in Grass Valley entrants include Alex Ramsey, 14, Casey Martinson, 14, Daniel Lawson, 14, and Ian Lynn, 16.  The team created “H1N1 and You:  A Public Safety Announcement.” Alex, who organized the video, said, “Our video was inspired by the classic Public Service Announcements of the 1940s and 1950s, but for the more modern theme of the H1N1 virus.  It is shown in black and white with silent movie background music to create the atmosphere needed for the video.” 

Robert Wakamatsu, 30, from San Francisco said his inspiration for his “Episode H1N1” was to convey a message with humor and tell a story. An independent director, his video depicts an H1N1-infected guy spreading germs via a tattoo effect.

The Walnut Elementary school students in  worked with a team of teachers who included the PSA contest as part of a school project. Teacher Irene Hales said, “The kids really got into making their PSA and were diligent about washing their hands and covering their coughs, and even bragged about getting vaccinated!” 

Synthia Wright, 17, from Coalinga High School is the leader of her school’s "In the News" program and said she thought creating a musical version of the news format would be a good concept for her video, “Take the Shot!”  Wright and classmates sing and dance to the “Take the Shot” song, which includes prevention methods, and getting vaccinated. 

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