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Finding the Teacher Within (FTW) Training Project

Preliminary work with the LCE teaching approach was very well-received by WIC participants as well as WIC teachers and leaders.  Building on this success, California State WIC staff developed an intensive, year-long, training program called "Finding the Teacher Within" (FTW) to help local agencies integrate LCE into their nutrition education services. 

Local agency leaders participating in FTW attended four train-the-trainer workshops in Sacramento and conducted two workshops for their staff.  California WIC partnered with Global Learning Partners (GLP), an organization specializing in adult learning, to assist with the development of FTW, and to provide two four-day LCE courses (one introductory and one advanced) for WIC staff.  Attendance at these courses was a prerequisite for leaders’ participation in FTW.

One-to-one partnerships were established between participating local agencies and State WIC.  Each agency was assigned a state partner to help support and mentor it throughout the FTW process.  Agency leaders and state partners communicated frequently during the year to develop classes and to troubleshoot problems.

FTW Components

1. Local Agency Selection Process

Agencies interested in FTW participated in a selection process to assure they understood the level of training and the resources and infrastructure required for participation in the project.  

2. Local Agency Preparation

Before FTW training began, selected agencies were asked to:

    • Designate a two-three person team of leaders responsible for adapting and implementing their agency’s FTW program;
    • Enroll all team members in two GLP LCE courses; and
    • Conduct an orientation meeting for all agency staff who would support, influence, or actively participate in the program.

3. Timelines and Roles

4. Workshops and Inservices


5. Class Design Guidelines


6. Lesson Plans


7. Resources and References



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