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WIC Information eXchange (WIX) Training


The WIX system is a database reporting system that replaces the Extranet for California WIC.  We recommend this training to staff who are or will be primarily responsible for querying and analyzing local agency Management Information System (MIS) data and generating reports, have used MIS for a minimum of 3 months and/or have completed WIC MIS Part I and Part II training.  Although not required, experience with Microsoft Excel is desirable as WIX reporting capabilities allows users to export data into Excel for further analysis and formatting. 


  • Overview
  • Logon ID, Password, and Logging On
  • WIX Homepage Orientation
  • Application Options
  • WIC Data Terminology and Description
  • Canned Reports
  • Creating Reports with Web Intelligence
  • How to Design and Create Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Advanced Procedures
  • Toolbar Icon Descriptions
  • Prerequisites

    1. Obtain a WIX logon ID if you do not already have one,
    2. Access the WIX system before the training, and
      • Once you receive your WIX logon ID and password, access WIX at:  https://wix.ca.gov/WIX/Login.aspx to ensure that you can logon to the WIX system.
      • If you cannot logon to WIX, please call the Help Desk at (800) 224-7472 for assistance.  
    3. Review the WIX Training Resources in preparation for the training.



    To register for one of the following dates please click here:

    • TBA

    NOTE: each class is scheduled from 9am - 4pm.

    Contact Information


    Carol Kronberg, Consultant

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