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WIC Abuse Reporting



Program Integrity Objectives

  • Ensure WIC Program dollars are provided only to eligible families.
  • Investigate all allegations of fraud/abuse by WIC participants, WIC local agency employees, WIC authorized grocers, and State WIC staff.
  • Increase awareness of potential areas of WIC Program fraud/abuse.
  • Assume a highly visible and proactive role in preventing and detecting WIC Program fraud/abuse.


What we need before we can initiate an investigation

  • Who is involved in the activity?
    If it is a participant, Local Agency employee or State WIC employee, what is their name?
    If it is a WIC authorized grocer, what is the name of the owner (if known), and the name and location of the business?
    Is there anyone else who is aware of this activity?
    How can we contact this individual or individuals?
    How do you feel the person or grocer would benefit by this action?
    Are there others who may also benefit in some way from this action? How are they involved?
  • What did the person or grocer do that you feel was inappropriate?
    Do you have any documents that would help support your concern?
    Where can we obtain these documents?
  • Where did the activity in question occur?
    Do you have the specific address or location other than what was provided above?
  • When did the activity occur?
    Try to recall the date and time of day the activity occurred. Is it an ongoing activity or did it only happen a few times?
  • How was the activity done?
    Do you have any ideas about how the person or grocer may have been able to carry out this activity?
    Is the person or grocer receiving help from anyone else?
    Can you identify the person or persons?

 What can the State do if we substantiate improper activities

  • Seek restitution for any WIC benefits or monies received as a result of WIC program fraud/abuse
  • Impose a punishment that may result in Disqualification from the WIC program
  • Make referrals to other public programs for investigation and/or possible criminal prosecution under state and federal law
  • Pursue disciplinary action and/or termination from State employment


How to file a complaint

  • By phone - Program and Business Integrity Section (800) 852-5770
  • By mail -
    Program and Business Integrity Section
    WIC Supplemental Nutrition Branch
    3901 Lennane Drive
    Sacramento, CA 95834
  • By email - WICABUSE@cdph.ca.gov
  • By eFax - Send fax to (916) 440-5575
  • By submitting information online - Click here

WIC Partners, please use this form to provide detailed information: Form for Fraud Reporting (PDF)

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